Link building strategies today

Link building strategies today have come to the point of efficiency due to a parallel development in related areas like digital marketing and social brand awareness.  At the turn of the 21st century, keyword stuffing or the cramming of lots of keywords into content was considered an effective search engine optimization (SEO) technique, but Google’s current algorithms have changed this old technique.

Today, building relevance and authority has become the primary goals of content producers who want to apply the new rules of SEO.  If you’re going to build links effectively, you have to consider developing a content that is worth looking at, worth commenting and sharing.  This action means you have to engage with social media and its social signals.

There are at least two modes where link building strategies today may be used.  The first mode involves moving into a link building ‘superhighway’ where you can fast track to a particular extent link analysis, link prospecting, finding contact information, outreach management, and tracking and reporting.  In this track, you use the current state-of-art tools.

The second mode may be labeled ‘evolutionary’ where the organic traffic is developed over time utilizing social signals from social media sites.  Today, building relevance and authority has become the important goals of content producers who want to apply the “new” rules of SEO. It is because relevance and authority attract backlinks.

Your website’s credibility builds up when other sites link from their content back to your website, along with Google and with other real, live searchers. A website with a lot of backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources becomes a decisive factor in boosting the search ranking for a particular query.

When it comes to backlink analysis and competitor research Ahrefs’ massive link index gives it a competitive advantage, combined with a clean UI that provides a true analysis powerhouse.  If you want to know which outlets and journalists to pitch, for instance, Ahrefs can give research competitor coverage in the news.

By using the Link Intersect tool, you can see pages that link to your competitors but not to you, and build a list of viable link opportunities.  You can spy on your competitor’s hottest content and most valuable pages and uncover low-quality links. Under Link Prospecting, BuzzSumo and Ahrefs are the best tools today.  

For Link Tracking and Reporting, Ahrefs and Google Sheets were found to be the best tools.  

With Ahrefs’ massive 12 trillion+ link index, one can get accurate, up-to-the-minute data on backlinks. An SEO specialist can send new backlinks to an RSS feed to always stay on top of new links and get email alerts for new backlinks. In conjunction with Google Analytics, the new links report is compelling and can be used in a custom GA report to obtain data on referral traffic.  

Hybrid Traffic’s tiered link building involves quality domain stacking and SEO link wrapping.  The process of stacking authority generally consists in using multiple Web 2.0 and social properties, each of which is linked randomly to sites in the above tier.  This technique allows you to potentially achieve better rankings by allowing the high DA links to flow through to each other and stack on top of one another before the final link points back to your money site.