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6 Things that You Should Know Before Getting Press Release Distribution Services

After writing your press release, you need to get the word out to as many people as possible. One of the popular ways to distribute it is to use the services of PR distribution providers.

Using PR companies can generate links, boost traffic, engagement, authority and improving your search engine presence. They are known to provide these benefits. However, there are things that you need to know before syndicating your releases online.

Press Release distribution

Some PR agencies may not tell you that:

  1. Some of them just syndicate your news.

One thing that some PR companies wouldn’t tell you is that they only syndicate your news. They publish your story on their websites only for a short time, but it’s not actually reaching journalists and news publications.

Before getting services, make sure that you shop online and value industry referrals. Connect with real and reputable PR companies like Newswire that has established connections with tens of thousands of journalists and news outlets. They also publish it to websites that cater to your industry, so there’s a higher chance that your news gets picked up for coverage.

  1. Don’t depend on them to solve your link-building issues.

Gone are the days when distributing content is the only way out for brands to build links. Google changed its algorithms to provide more quality content to the audience, instead of creating links that look “spammy.”

If you think that distributing your releases can solve your link-building issues, you’re doing it wrong. Today, releases cannot be stuffed with keywords and links because you could be penalized.

If you want to earn links, write high quality releases. When others see you as a reliable site, they would link to you, which is far better. The trick is, produce good releases.

  1. You can combine online press release distribution with pitching.

Don’t rely solely on press release distribution services directories. You have to pitch your news directly to reporters to gain full benefits and exposure of your story,click here.

Keep in mind that successful marketing and PR strategies boil down to long-lasting relationships. Target relevant journalists who may likely give you coverage. Build relationships with them to improve your chances of getting publicity.

Journalists can help you earn big publicity than just focusing on paid distribution services. Aside from the press, you can also leverage on influencer marketing campaigns, where influencers or bloggers help promote your brand and products.

  1. Social media exposure can help.

Some PR agencies wouldn’t tell you that social media exposure can increase your chances of getting publicity. When looking for digital PR companies, make sure to ask if they have social sharing features. This ensures that your news gets exposed to a lot of people in the social media.

  1. Measuring results is a must.

You should measure whether or not your campaign is a success. Before hiring PR services, ask them if they provide analytics or monitoring tools that can give you an idea how well your releases have performed.

It should part of their services. You should be aware if your campaign reached your goals. They should give you reports, charts and data that gives you information about headline impressions, monthly visitors per month, interactions and which sites picked up your story.

When hiring online distribution providers, make sure that you ask them if they provide analytic reports. Choose good PR agencies to work with like PR Newswire that have built their name and authority in the industry.

  1. Multimedia is important.

Some PR companies are not concerned with how well your releases would perform as long as you use their services. They wouldn’t tell you that good releases have multimedia, such as images, video or infographics that makes them appealing and interesting for the press and the audience. So I suggest to find the best press release distribution like Newswire.

When looking for PR distribution providers, ask if you can easily send multimedia. Don’t opt for cheap agencies that wouldn’t inform you of such features. There’s a good reason why you pay for services.