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Driveway Repair: Patch, Refinish, or Replace

The most common problems with houses is a driveway that has holes or other imperfections. It is weird to see an otherwise beautiful house with an ugly driveway, and the ugly driveway can take away from the curb appeal of a home. The reason a lot of homes do have a damaged driveway is because even though it may seem like a simple task to repave a driveway, it is an expensive project. This results in homeowners dealing with the cracks and holes that show up in their driveways over time. Some homeowners leave the cracks and holes alone, but others do some driveway repairs to avoid driving up a bumpy driveway. Patches are okay sometimes, but how do you know when to patch or refinish your driveway?  Call Dominic’s Paving today for an estimate.

Driveway repairs and patches

Because of changing temperatures and the freezing and thawing cycles that an outdoor driveway goes through as well as a ton of weight from your car driving on your driveway each day, it is natural for your driveway to incur some damage. Usually, the damage is small, and you will see some cracks appedriveway-1ar in the driveway. These can be easy to ignore, but over time, the cracks will only grow.

When the cracks are small, driveway repairs can be done by patching the ground with a patching material. If the cracks are larger than .25 inches, then patching them will work temporarily, but you will need to have more work done.

Sometimes, rather than the damage cracking, you may have holes or potholes in your driveway. These holes are much more significant problems, and you will likely need to fill them in with asphalt or concrete to have a temporary fix. This is what they do with potholes on the road when they are unable to repave the road.

When driveway repairs are not enough

As time goes on, filling in the patches will result in a very ugly driveway. Additionally, you will end up with more and more big problems that will take more money and time to fix. At a certain point, you’ll need to take the plunge and completely repave or replace your driveway. A lot of homeowners choose to live with the damage on their driveways during the time that they live in the house. Most people only replace their driveways right before they sell their homes. Why do they wait until they are selling to make their driveway look beautiful again? Typically, we can live with small imperfections, but when we are selling our homes, the curb appeal and every little detail to make the home look beautiful are important.