HotNews – A Valuable Resource For SAP Professionals


One of the biggest and oldest Romanian news sites, HotNews publishes a range of news and information about current affairs, politics and the economy. Its content includes news, videos, interviews, and articles. The website is available in both English and Romanian. In addition to the news, HotNews also features a range of video documentaries and audio-visual content.

HotNews is free to subscribe to and you can customize how often you receive it. The only requirement is that you give proper credit to the original source. If you do not, you may violate copyright laws and risk legal repercussions. Therefore, you should ask the news provider if you want to use the news or video content on your website.

AUGI members are welcome to subscribe to HotNews. They can select the frequency of delivery and choose the topics they would like to receive. HotNews features news about Autodesk, but you can also subscribe to general interest stories. However, be careful not to post news about your competitors. If you want to share news about a competitor, you should ask their permission first.

HotNews is the largest news site in Romania and publishes a range of news, videos, and opinion pieces. It is updated daily in Romanian, English, and Russian, and boasts over two million unique visitors per month. HotNews is updated in both languages, and you can customize your topics and frequency of updates. Furthermore, you can subscribe to Important Notes, which contain detailed reference instructions for new SAP features.

For SAP professionals, HotNews is a valuable resource. Not only can you customize your subscriptions to specific software components and topics, you can even subscribe to specific SAP modules and security issues. Once you subscribe, you’ll be notified whenever important updates are made to your software. By keeping abreast of the latest updates, you’ll minimize any risks to your business.

For SAP professionals, HotNews is a useful resource for timely information. You can customize it to suit your needs and filter out any irrelevant information. The news feed is completely free of spam and virus attacks. HotNews also ensures that you’ll only receive the latest and most relevant news. However, you have to cite the source when using any of the content found in HotNews.

SAP HotNews is an alerting system that searches SAP’s knowledge base for relevant SAP notes. These notes are typically classified as High priority or Medium priority. The notes contain information that can help you resolve problems or prevent them altogether. However, there are times when SAP security notes are low priority, but they can still be very useful.

HotNews Romania is one of the most popular news websites in the country. It covers a range of topics, including politics, finance, and current affairs. It also publishes videos, opinion pieces, and interviews. HotNews is free to subscribe to, and its content is updated regularly.