HotNews for SAP Professionals


In 1918, the U.S. Supreme Court first recognized the concept of “hot news” and upheld its use in an infringement case against the International News Service. The International News Service allegedly stole war reports from AP reporters in Europe and bribed employees to get the reports. While hot news is an exception to copyright laws, its use is likely to be limited to a few specific cases. Here are some caveats that apply to the use of hot news.

For SAP professionals, HotNews is a free online news service that delivers important updates and the latest news about SAP products. Users can subscribe to news related to their favorite SAP products and even filter out the news they don’t care about. Furthermore, HotNews is highly customizable, allowing developers to tailor it to their needs. It also features a free RSS feed. By subscribing to HotNews, SAP helps you stay abreast of new product releases, software components, and other important SAP news.

HotNews is a monthly newsletter sent to all AUGI members. It contains articles, special offers, and upcoming events. You can customize your subscriptions to receive the latest updates on products and services, subscribe to specific topics, and choose how often you’d like to receive them. You can subscribe to HotNews by going to your MY AUGI profile page and selecting the HotNews subscription option. The newsletter will begin appearing in your inbox every month.

Despite this broader scope of hot news, the INS acknowledges a limited scope of “hot news” misappropriation claims. In a recent case, the Supreme Court considered the scope of the 1976 Act’s “hot news” exception in terms of statutory infringement. Even so, it is unclear if that provision is applicable in the Second Circuit. Hotnews remains an exception to patent infringement, and the court of appeals is unlikely to consider it.