The Doctrine of Hot News


The term “hot news” originated in the United States Supreme Court in 1918. At that time, the Copyright Act had not yet been enacted and the only means of transmitting news was via wire. The Associated Press and the International News Service were two of the biggest wire services, with journalists working independently for both organizations covering news events and creating news articles. These news articles were then provided to affiliated newspapers across the country. Today, hot news is a relatively rare legal claim and is likely to remain that way for a while.

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The Doctrine of Hot News has implications for the copyright landscape in India. It is likely that the decision will continue to shape the landscape in this country and possibly other countries, particularly as HotNews continues to grow. Companies should be aware of the implications of this decision for their own companies, and follow HotNews’ guidelines. Regardless of the ruling, HotNews’ success and popularity will only make copyright laws in the country even more complicated.

The doctrine of “Hot News” has implications for the media and publishing industry. This doctrine protects the commercial value of news and prevents it from becoming outdated. By defining the time period in which news is relevant, it protects it from being rendered outdated by the passage of time. Hot news, therefore, has implications for the publishing industry and the future of technology. There are many ways for a company to protect their IP, and these laws can help ensure that the work is not abused.

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As the Second Circuit explained, hot news claims are not equivalent to exclusive copyright rights under Section106. The Second Circuit’s decision cited in Feist does not address the broader scope of the NBA’s “hot news” misappropriation claims. But the Court held that the INS-like claim was not misappropriated under the 1976 Act. The case also shows the limitations of the NBA’s legal remedies under Section 106. It also highlights the importance of preserving the protection of intellectual property and its infringement by the public.