HotNews and TopNotes for SAP Professionals


SAP professionals can find valuable information on HotNews via RSS. Subscribers can customize their subscriptions to receive news and updates related to specific SAP modules. TopNotes are technical notes on specific SAP modules and are especially useful for those considering new features. TopNotes also include post-implementation instructions. These are just some of the ways that HotNews can be beneficial to SAP professionals. Moreover, HotNews is free to use.

However, the hot news doctrine does have certain limitations. While it is not always possible to sue the creators of old news, the content is still considered outdated. In these situations, a hot news story claim may succeed in some cases. The Supreme Court has recognized the hot news doctrine in NBA v. Motorola, where a company was accused of stealing hot news. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals in New York City ruled that copyright laws preempted the claim in the first instance. While hot news torts are unlikely to be applied in most cases, they are still important and should be complied with.

In addition to news and opinion pieces, HotNews also features video documentaries and interviews. HotNews is available in English, Romanian, and Russian, and is updated several times a day. Its news and videos are updated daily, and it is updated in both languages. HotNews is Romania’s most popular news site and attracts a wide range of audience. There’s no shortage of content on HotNews, and it is accessible to Romanian speakers as well as those who prefer to read their content in Romanian.

The HotNews newsletter is sent to AUGI members monthly, and contains news and articles about Autodesk products and services. Subscribers can customize their subscriptions to receive the most relevant content. Using MY AUGI’s subscription system, you can subscribe to HotNews by selecting the option under MY AUGI. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll be sent a customized HotNews newsletter.